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Benefits Summary

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The following summary gives current benefits and rates as of June 1, 2008, and is for information only. Please refer to the plan booklets for more complete descriptions. For further information, contact the Plan Administrator at 1-800-663-1356.

Benefits are for members in good standing of Locals 3, 643 and 1611

ADMINISTRATOR D.A. Townley - see phone number and address above
TO ESTABLISH COVERAGE For new members, or if coverage has lapsed - 300 hours reported in 6 consecutive months.

Effective date is the 1st of the 2nd month following accumulation of sufficient hours
Enrolment forms must be completed in order to initiate benefits

HOUR-BANK MAXIMUM 900 hours (6 months coverage)
SELF-PAYMENTS To maintain coverage when short of hours, 6 months max:

Plan A (Full Benefits)

$1.50 per hour ($225.00 per month)
DISABILITY CREDITS 5 hours per day credited to your hourbank while on WI, WCB or Employment Insurance (EI) sick benefits, for up to 8 months. If collecting WCB or EI, you must submit a completed Disability Credit form promptly.

MSP Group #3133030
Basic Medical (BC Medical Services Plan - MSP)

EXTENDED HEALTH BENEFITS Self-Insured Group #11244
75% Prescription, 100% Non-Drugs Reimbursement, financial limit of $1,000,000 per lifetime
VISION CARE $600/24 months, per person
$85 eye exam, every 24 months per person
PART B (Crown, Bridge)
PART C (Orthodontics)
75% - Lifetime maximum $2500
LIFE INSURANCE Co-Operators #G419 & ACCIDENTAL DEATH & DISMEMBERMENT BC LIFE AND CASUALTY COMPANY #79396-0051 $100,000. Reduces 50% at age 65, Terminates at age 70.
Conversion - you may convert to an individual life policy by applying within 30 days of termination of coverage.
Disability - Life insurance coverage may continue to age 65 if you are totally disabled. Application for waiver of premium must be made immediately after being disabled for 9 months.
WAGE INDEMNITY E.I. weekly maximum payable from 1st day of accident or hospitalization, 4th day of illness, EI carve out. You must apply for E.E Sick Benefits. The Plan will cease WI payments during E.I collection. Once E.I Sick Benefits cease, the Plan may continue benefits up to a max of 34 weeks including EI sick Benefit payments.
LONG TERM DISABILITY Claims incurred on or after November 1, 2009, the plan will pay a $500 monthly LTD Top Up Benefit to those members who claim for and receive CPP Disability benefits. This LTD Top Up benefit will be paid until the end of the month in which the member turns age 65. If the member dies or recovers prior to reaching age 65, the benefit will terminate at the end of the month in which the member dies or recovers. The $500 LTD Top Up benefit will not be paid for occupational illnesses or injuries, as WCB (Worksafe BC) will be responsible for such disability costs.

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