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Life Insurance

For Members Only
The amount of insurance below will be payable to your beneficiary upon your death.

Each Member - $100,000

Living Assistance Benefit
The Living Assistance Benefit is available as an advance payment of your Basic Life Insurance to help meet the medical or other health and welfare expenses of terminally ill Members under age 63.

Application for this benefit must be approved by the Plan and The Co-operators will confirm that medical evidence meets the Plan’s requirements before approving payment.

The amount of money available as a Living Assistance Benefit payment is 50% of your Basic Life Insurance Benefit, to a maximum of $20,000.

Total Disability Waiver of Premium
Should you become Totally Disabled (as that term is defined in the Policy) for more than six (6) months prior to age 65, the amount of Life Insurance will continue without payment of premiums while you remain Totally Disabled. Satisfactory proof of Total Disability must be submitted to The Co-operators within 12 months from the date of Total Disability and thereafter, upon request by The Co-operators. Your Life Insurance coverage and Waiver will terminate when you reach age 65 or recover, whichever occurs first.

Conversion Privilege
Upon termination of your Life Insurance, prior to age 65, you may obtain an individual policy with the Co-operators Life Insurance Company without evidence of good health on the Ordinary Life Plan, Limited Payment Life, Term to Age 65, or One Year Term Plan (non-renewable) at the lesser of $200,000 or the difference between the amount of insurance at the time of your termination and the amount of insurance for which you are eligible under a new group contract at the time you are exercising your right to convert. The individual policy will be issued only if application is made within 31 days after your termination. Your life will continue to be insured during the 31-day conversion period whether or not you apply for conversion.

Submitting a Claim
The time limit within which a Life Insurance claim must be made is 180 days from the date of loss.

Termination Age
Your Basic Life Insurance Benefit terminates at age 70. Life reduces by 50% at age 65.

How to File a Claim 
The Administrator should be advised when a death occurs. The Administrator will then send the beneficiary the proper claim forms for completion. A death certificate will be required.


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