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  1. How Does my Membership in the Plan Terminate and What Happens When it Does?
  2. Portability
  3. Can I Assign or Borrow Against My Pension?
  4. What Happens if I Die Before Retirement
  5. Marriage Breakdown
  6. Access to Information
  7. What Else should You Know?


1. How Does my Membership in the Plan Terminate and What HappensWhen it Does?

For the purpose of the Plan a Memberís Membership will be deemed to have terminated if during two consecutive Plan years his/her Employers have remitted for less than a total of 350 hours. If this happens, then the terminating Plan Member will be entitled to receive his/her accumulated pension in full if he/she is fully vested. If after receiving his/her accumulated Pension the terminated Member again becomes a Member of the Plan, he/she will be treated as a new Member under the Plan and will not be entitled to any retirement benefits for service prior to his/her reemployment date. If you terminate your Membership in the Plan, you will still be entitled to a Pension if you were fully vested and did not receive a transfer value for your accrued benefits. Be sure to notify the Plan of any address changes so that we may keep you informed.


When a Member terminates his/her Membership in the Plan, if he/she is fully vested (i.e., has more than 1 year of Membership in the Plan and is a member of the Union) he/she can request the Trustees transfer that part of his/her Account Balance which comes from contributions paid to the Plan after January 1, 1993 to his/her locked-in RRSP. A ďlocked-inĒ RRSP is a special RRSP which prevents you from receiving the money except when you are ready to purchase retirement income. The rest of his/her Account Balance can be either transferred to an RRSP or be paid in cash, less applicable taxes.

3.Can I Assign or Borrow Against My Pension?

Benefits under the Plan may not be assigned in any way, except in certain cases where benefits are split upon divorce. Your pension is fully protected against all creditors except Canada Revenue Agency.

4.What Happens if I Die Before Retirement?

If a Member dies prior to his/her retirement, and is survived by his/her Spouse, the Plan will pay a lump sum benefit to the Spouse equal to the total value of the deceased memberís Account Value at the date of his/her death. Where there is no Spouse, then the benefit will be paid to the beneficiary and if there is no beneficiary then it will be paid to the Estate.

5.Marriage Breakdown

In the event of marriage breakdown, new B.C. Legislation provides for more flexibility as the Memberís pension becomes part of the family assets to be shared between the parties. You should contact your legal adviser for legal advice. Your Spouse has enforceable legal rights to a share in the benefits of the Plan and the new legislation sets out how the Plan is to protect his/her rights.

6.Access to Information

You can have access to all documents relating to the Pension Plan. Documents can be viewed at the Administratorís or Union offices. Personal information about other Members is, of course, not available.

7.What else should I know?

It is your responsibility to make application to the Trustees through the administrator to receive benefits when you are entitled to them. If no application is received by the Trustees, the Trustees will attempt to contact the person eligible to receive the payment due. If they are unable to do so, then the benefit may be forfeited. When you name someone as your beneficiary, please advise them. When you change your beneficiary, please advise both parties of the change. Please request from the Administrator a member record card, if you wish to:

1. Change your beneficiary*;

*Please note, if you do have a spouse or are living with a person for 2 or more years as husband or wife, you must nominate him/her as your beneficiary.

2. Change your address; or

3. Enrol in the Plan.

Please make sure that you date and sign the member record card and mail it to the Administrator.


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